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Creating a PayPal Premier Account

To use Gifts & Lists gift funds you first need an active PayPal Premier or Business account. Personal accounts cannot receive donations from credit/debit cards so this restricts how your guests can make a donation. If you currently possess a Personal account and wish to use this you can upgrade it to a premier account or create a new account just for the gift fund.

You can click on the button below to take you directly to Paypal and create a new account. Simply follow the instructions on-screen or described in the rest of this guide.


The image above shows you the initial screen you will see when visiting PayPal from our link. Simply click the Sign Up Today! button highlighted to start the process.

You will then be taken to the screen below. Click the Get Started button below Premier (Again, highlighted) to take you to the enter details screen. We aim to take you directly to the registration page for your resident country but if you wish to create a PayPal account for a different country/currency then you can do so from the drop-down-list.

Complete your details and make particular note of the Email address you use to create your PayPal account. This will act as your unique ID when linking your gift fund to your PayPal account and will affect where guests are redirected when making a donation.

Once you have completed yourdetails you will be taken to the screen below where you can set up your banking details. You DO NOT have to specify any details immediately as these can be added at a later date (PayPal will hold the money for you until you need it). If you wish to skip the banking set up at this point simply click on the Go to My Account button (highlighted in the image below). However, before you can withdraw your money you will need to enter banking details.

Although Gifts & Lists provides the Gift Funds system free of charge, PayPal does have its own transaction fees which may be applicable to your transactions and may vary. For details on PayPal's fees click here

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